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How do I register for the auction?

You can register for a DVLA Auction online or by obtaining a catalogue and filling in and returning to us by email or post the Bidder Registration Forms.

Please click here to obtain the catalogue for the next DVLA Auction. You have the choice of a FREE PDF download or you can buy a printed catalogue for £7.50 (inc vat and p&p).


Which bidding method should I choose?

There are 5 ways in which you can bid. By far the best way to bid is to attend the auction. For those who cannot attend, they may choose to bid over the telephone, via the Internet, leave an Absentee Bid or SMS Bid with the auctioneers.

Click the links below for more information.

Bidding In Person

There’s nothing quite like being at the auction yourself and we strongly recommend that you bid in person.

You can even pre-register allowing you to enter the auction without the need to register when you arrive. Please note deadlines apply.

Please click here to view the application deadlines.

Telephone Bid

The auctioneers provide a service where we will call a customer to take their bids live as the auction happens. Our telephone clerk will call a few minutes before the registration is offered to explain the process. Bidders wishing to bid by telephone must register with the auctioneers before the bid deadline.

Please click here to view the application deadlines.

Internet Bid

Some customers prefer the convenience of bidding across the Internet. This is a live bidding experience using special software, which is provided by the auctioneers.

Please note that due to reliance on various technological factors, connectivity and conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of bids made through the Internet. Please note deadlines apply.

Please click here to view the application deadlines.

Absentee Bid

The auctioneers offer an Absentee Bid service, which is perfect for people who are not contactable at the time of the auction. Let the auctioneers know your maximum bid and you will secure your lot for just one bid increment (£50 or £100) higher than the last bid against you without exceeding your maximum bidding limit. Please note deadlines apply.

Please click here to view the application deadlines.

Text Bid

Request for Absentee Bids can also be taken by text from registered bidders. Text Absentee Bids can be placed up to 1 hour before the Lot is due to be offered for sale.

Please click here to view the application deadlines.

What are Reserve Prices?

Reserve Prices are the minimum prices at which lots will be sold. Reserves are set by the DVLA. All reserve prices are clearly shown in the catalogue for every auction. Please note that these do not include the additional charges of VAT, Buyer’s Premium (minimum £40+vat) and Assignment Fee.

Where does the bidding start?

Bidding normally starts at the Reserve Price and the auctioneer will seek to take bids from the auction hall first. The exception to this is where there are two competing Absentee Bids, in which case bidding will start at one bid (usually £100) more than the lower Absentee Bid.

Where there are two identical Absentee Bids, the auctioneer will accept the one that was received first.

What are the Bidding Increments?

At the auctioneer’s discretion, bids increase by a minimum of £50 where the bidding is below £1,000 and by £100 where bidding is above £1,000.

What happens if two people submit Identical Absentee Bids?

Where there are two identical Absentee Bids, the auctioneer will accept the one received first. However if there is a bid in the room of the same amount, this bid will take priority.


Will the auction run to time?

Clocks are printed in the catalogue to give an indication of the approximate times that registrations will be offered for sale. The auctioneers make every effort to stick as close to these times as possible but cannot guarantee that the indicated times will be accurate.

The auction may sometimes vary by +/- 45 minutes from the indicated times so we advise all bidders to be available at least an hour before and after the indicated time for their lot.

It is never the case that one day will spill over into another.

If an auction is running late, it will continue into the evening until the last lot scheduled for that day has been offered.

When will the results be published?

The results of the auction are updated on the DVLA Personalised Registrations website live during the auction as it happens.

Please click here to view the most recent prices.


How will I know if I’ve been successful?

If you have supplied us with an email address you will be advised by email during the course of the auction. If not, letters will be posted out within 2 working days after the auction.

Customers can call our Enquiry Line 0300 123 3500 to find out sooner.

How Can I Pay and When Do I Need To Pay?

You will be sent an email or letter and the balance must be paid within 5 days. Failure to pay within this time may attract interest charges as outlined in our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

You will be sent a receipted invoice once payment has been received and the funds have cleared.

Payment can be made by any of the methods listed below:

  • Internet Banking
  • Secure Online Payment (Debit/Credit Card)
  • Cheque


For more information, click here to visit our Payment page.

How long until I receive my paperwork from DVLA?

Within 10 working days of cleared funds being received, the DVLA will send you a Certificate of Entitlement (V750). This will enable you to assign the registration number to a vehicle registered in your name or in that of the Nominee.

If you buy more than one registration, Certificates of Entitlement will not be issued until payment has been received in full for all registrations.