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Live Internet Bidding

Click here to go to the Live Internet Bidding website.

Live Internet bidding is available at DVLA Personalised Registrations auctions. This is a service where your online bids are presented to the auctioneer during the auction, to be accepted or rejected as though you were present in the auction hall. This is not an 'eBay' type auction.

Follow the steps below to register as an Internet Bidder for the next auction:


Speed TestStep 1 - Speed Test

To check that your connection speed is adequate, click here to run the Speed Tester.

Step 2 - Registering as a Bidder

registerlogin-1After you have completed the Speed Test successfully, now register for the auction online. You must register specifically for Internet Bidding if you wish to place live bids online during the sale. If you register for other means of bidding (by phone, absentee or in person), you are not automatically registered for Internet Bidding. If you intend to spend in excess of £7,500 please contact the auctioneers to place a deposit in order to increase your limit. Click here to register.

Step 3 - Bidding on the Day

cyanemouse48 hours before the auction, you will be emailed your login code. To place bids during the auction, have these details ready and click here to Login. If you have not received this information, please call 0300 123 3500 or email auction@dvlaauction.co.uk.

Step 4 - Viewing the Auction Online

WebcamDuring the auction, you can view the proceedings with our DVLA Auction Webcam. Please note that there is a delay of up to 30 seconds on Apple devices. Please do not use this broadcast as a guide for your bidding. Click here to View.